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The PBC Crew

Shanon Parker

Shanon Parker was born and raised in Greenville, SC before moving to Melbourne, FL in 2005. He is the Chief Designer as well as a Fabricator for Parker Brothers Concepts and his creative flair for building vehicles is essential to the Parker Brothers way of approaching new projects. Shanon's goal is for the duo to become Hollywood's go-to guys when it comes to designing and building movie and television cars and bikes.

Marc Parker

Marc Parker was born and raised in Greenville, SC prior to making the move to Melbourne, FL in 2002. Marc is the Engineering and Fabrication Specialist behind the unique vehicles Parker Brothers makes. He takes the designs and makes them functional and drivable while staying true to Shanon's original design concepts. Marc's goal is to continue to push the envelope of engineering in the motor vehicle industry.

Jeff Halverson

Having grown up in Melbourne, Florida, Jeff spent time in retail sales and running his own businesses before finding his way into the Parker Brothers shop. Now he finds himself running the day to day operations, managing vender relationships and catering to the high end clients that come into the shop. Once he leaves the shop he's a family man, spending time at the beach with his wife and three children.

Ron Sarnes

Ron may be new to the auto fabrication industry, but he is a certified mechanic from Wyotech and is certainly no stranger to hard work. Ron is a perfect fit for the Parker Brothers team since he dreams of building "anything that no one thought could be done"! After spending 16 years laying concrete Ron proves himself to be one of the hardest working members of the crew and Marc's right hand man. Of course, this is a man that worked for a month for free to prove himself and walks to work every day!

Donny Barnes Jr.

Don't let Donny's small stature fool you, he is full of mechanical knowledge. With 20 years of mechanical and auto body experience as well as certifications for Drafting and Design under his belt, Donny is one of Marc and Shanon's go to guys for their fabrication needs. Working closely with Ron, Donny has a hand in every build and makes sure every detail is perfect. One day he'd like to build a "bad ass bobber trike", and it seems he's in the right place to get that done!

Jon Conner

Jon may be the most fashionable at the shop, rarely seen without his favorite fedora. He may also have the most interesting work history. After having worked as a radio and club DJ, and a professional wrestler, there's not much that Marc and Shanon could do to scare him away. Not that they would want to- Jon is the house expert on the FlowJet machine, which makes him an invaluable resource. Without his skills, the Parker Brothers wouldn't be able to make their dream designs a reality.

Nathan Guthrie aka "Turbo"

Turbo brings a sense of calm to the shop, which may be because we rarely hear him speak! One of the youngest members of the Parker Brothers team, he wisely takes the time to listen and learn from the more experienced members in the shop. His focus in the shop is on fabrication, but he has a very bright future ahead of himself.

Dean Cummings aka "Ball Peen"

Without Dean, the Parker Brother build team would have nothing to build. He sources and acquires parts, materials, tools and equipment needed for each unique build. This curly haired red head stands at a whopping 6'4" and weighs in at 320lbs, so he's hard to miss. Luckily he always has a smile on his face, a positive attitude and is easily the biggest kid in the shop. When he's not at work he's out riding his motorcycle and still working towards accomplishing his childhood dream of being an adult one day!

Karen Parker

Karen is the receptionist at the shop, but more importantly she is also Shanon's wife. She manages the hectic shop schedule, which is a breeze for her after raising three kids! On top of her clerical duties she also does most of the photography that the shop uses for publicty. She began dating Shanon at the age of 13, so she knows just how to handle the crazy day-to-day antics of Shanon and his brother Marc.

Betty Gentry

Betty brings a bit of southern charm to the shop, not to mention discipline when her sons Marc and Shanon need it! She's been supporting her boys love of all things vehicle related since they were eight and nine years old. She works as the office manager and bookkeeper, making sure her sons dreams can continue to be a reality. It's obvious that the brothers get their creative minds from their mom who spends her down time writing romance novels!